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1/2 Day Program

Our 1/2 Day Program is open from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM.  Breakfast and Lunch are served and follow the health guidelines from CACFP. The 1/2 Day Program serves children ages 1 year - enrollment in a USD program. 

1/2 Day Program 

1/2 programs focus on social interaction and include the Kindergarten readiness learning time and are available to children over one year of age. Children can attend the 1/2 Day Program in the classes Ipomoea, Elderberry, Saxifrage, Edelweiss, and Nasturtium Classrooms. Children are placed in classrooms based on their age. Classroom related goals can be found the classroom's individual page. 

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A Day in the 1/2 Day Program

Children attending the 1/2 Day Program arrive in their classrooms in the morning and are invited to play in centers with their peers. The children eat breakfast together in family style dinning. After breakfast the children are able to play inside in centers while waiting to work on academic projects appropriate for their age groups. Children are given the opportunity to play outside or go on walks daily, weather permitting. The children are served lunch together as a group. After lunch time, parents pick up their children for the day. 

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