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Tuesday/Thursday Preschool Class

Hesston Community Preschool's Tuesday/Thursday  class operates from 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM. This class serves children ages 3-4 years of age to begin preparation for Kindergarten.  An AM Snack is served to the children and follows the nutritional guidelines from CACFP. 

Classroom Goals

We believe that children learn through play when actively engaging in meaningful experiences. We strive to challenge children to stretch their understanding of the world through interactions with peers, adults, and their environment. We aim to help foster school readiness by teaching age-appropriate academic concepts that encourage children to think, reason, experiment, and develop a love of learning. Our class focuses on language and literacy skills working to further listening, speaking, writing, and emerging reading abilities. We value social and self-help skills by promoting independence and nurturing the attitudes for positive relationships with peers and adults. 


A Day in the Tuesday/Thursday    Preschool Class

The children arrive and in morning and as the children arrive they are invited to play in centers. When all the children have arrived they transition into their first circle time. During circle time they learn about the weather, have a calendar time where they explore the days of the week and months of the year, and learn through music and movement. After the first circle time the children get to decide where they will play through choice activities. Next the children transition to their second circle time where they learn phonemic awareness through the Haggerty Reading Curriculum. The children then participate in small group activities before having an outside play time, weather permitting. The children engage in a closing activity as they begin to be picked-up for the day. 

Families are asked to provide a white 3-ring binder for their child's portfolio. A list of any other needed supplies will be given at enrollment. 

Classroom schedules are subject to change based on the children's interests and exploration.

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