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The Nasturtium Classroom is for children ages 4 years of age - enrollment in a USD program.  

Classroom Goals

The Nasturtium Classroom strives to prepare children for Kindergarten. Children work to develop listening skills for both large and small group situations. Children continue to work through the handwriting curriculum. In the Nasturtium Classroom children learn to identify and write all the letters in the alphabet and the numbers 1-10. Children also learn to write their names first by tracing and eventually unassisted. During circle time teachers continue to work on letters, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week, months of the year, and weather with the children. Children continue to work on their scissor skills learning to cut out advanced shapes. 

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A Day in the Nasturtium 

When children arrive in the Nasturtium Classroom they are welcomed into the room and invited to play in centers in the classroom until breakfast. The children eat breakfast together in family style dinning. After breakfast the children have circle time learning. After circle time the children play in centers and are called for art/math/science projects and to work individually with a teacher in their handwriting curriculum workbooks. After children have completed their academic activities the children have outdoor play time, weather permitting. When the children come in from playing outside, they eat lunch together in family style dinning. After lunch the children have rest time. When the children get up from rest time, they are served snack as a group. After snack the children are able to play outside, weather permitting. If the children are not able to play outside due to extreme weather conditions, the children play inside in different centers in their classroom. 

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