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The Rosemary Classroom is for children ages 5 - 14 months. 

Classroom Goals

Children in the Rosemary Classroom work on increasing large-motor skills such as standing, walking, and grasping and moving toys. Children also begin self-feeding skills with the assistance of teachers. Teachers in the Rosemary Classroom begin sensory and art exploration with the children. Everyday children have the opportunity to play outside and go on walks with teachers in the bye-bye-buggy, weather permitting. Children are encouraged to start to interact with their peers as well as playing independently. Children nap and are fed bottles according to their own schedules, children start to eat the meals provided by the center at the scheduled time as well. 

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A Day in the Rosemary Classroom

Children in the Rosemary Classroom begin to move from their own schedules to a class schedule. When developmentally ready, children are served breakfast, an AM snack, lunch, and a PM snack along with their individual bottle feedings. Formula is provided by the center; however, breast milk and specialized formulas can be brought in by families. Families are asked to provide bottles, diapers, and extra changes of clothes. Children are also invited to bring comfort items such as a pacifier or their own blanket. Children take naps through-out the day as needed, and begin to participate in group activities such as sensory play and art. 

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