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The Ipomoea Classroom is for children ages 14 months - 2 years who are walking in hard soled shoes.

Classroom Goals

Children in the Ipomoea Classroom work on increasing their verbal skills with their peers and teachers. Individual and group play is encouraged. Teachers explore art with the children as well as sensory play. Children are introduced to puzzles, building toys, and various other fine motor activities. Teachers read to the children daily, as well as singing songs and dancing along with music. Large motor skills are encouraged in the classroom with a loft and slide indoors, and outdoors through slides, pushing wheeled toys, and grassy areas to run and play. Children go on walks with teachers in the bye-bye-buggy and have the opportunity to spend time outside daily, weather permitting. 

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A Day in the Ipomoea Room 

When children arrive in the Ipomoea Classroom they are welcomed into the room and invited to play in centers in the classroom until breakfast. The children eat breakfast together in family style dinning. After breakfast the children have circle time learning. After circle time the children play in centers and work on art projects as a group. Weather permitting, the children are able to play outside every morning. When the children come in from playing outside, they eat lunch together in family style dinning. After lunch the children have rest time. When the children get up from rest time, they are served snack as a group. After snack the children are able to play outside, weather permitting. If the children are not able to play outside due to extreme weather conditions, the children play inside in different centers in their classroom. 

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