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The Elderberry Classroom is for children ages 2 - 3 years. 

Classroom Goals

Children in the Elderberry Classroom work on potty-training skills and learn more self-help skills. Teachers work on verbal skills with the children so they can better communicate their needs and talk with their peers and adults. Children are encouraged to make their own choices about what centers they play with in the classroom and where they play outside. Large motor skills are encouraged when the children go on walks with teachers, climb and play outside, and climb the stairs of the loft inside the classroom. Teachers introduce children to circle time where they start learning the days of the week, weather, colors, shapes, read books, sing songs, and begin counting. Children are encouraged to play with their peers, interact with their friends, and start taking turns. Teachers work with parents to help children with potty training in the Elderberry Classroom.

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A Day in the Elderberry Classroom

When children arrive in the Saxifrage Classroom they are welcomed into the room and invited to play in centers in the classroom until breakfast. The children eat breakfast together in family style dinning. After breakfast the children have circle time learning. After circle time the children play in centers and work on academic and art projects. Weather permitting, the children are able to play outside every morning. When the children come in from playing outside, they eat lunch together in family style dinning. After lunch the children have rest time. When the children get up from rest time, they are served snack as a group. After snack the children are able to play outside, weather permitting. If the children are not able to play outside due to extreme weather conditions, the children play inside in different centers in their classroom. 

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