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Meet our administration team for Hesston Intergenerational Child Development Center and view contact information for the center. 

Crystal Kurtz 

Crystal is the center's administrator. She started with the center in 2011 working a classroom. Crystal's favorite part of working with children is watching the children grow up during their time at the center. She loves coffee and spending time with her family.


Shenise Weimer
Program Director

Shenise is the director for HICDC. She has worked for the center since 2015. Shenise's favorite part of working with children is hearing their stories they have to tell. Shenise loves to spend time with her family and going white water rafting. 


We'd love to hear from you

Administrator: Crystal Kurtz

Program Director:

Shenise Weimer

Administrator Line: 620-327-3775

Center Line: 620-327-3781

441 Neufeld Drive 
Hesston, KS

441 Neufeld Drive 
Hesston, Kansas
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