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The Frangipani Classroom provides care for children ages 6 weeks - 12 months. 

Classroom Goals

Children in the Frangipani Room will eat and nap according to their individual schedules. Children will play with teachers and the other children in the room. Children are encouraged to explore and play at their developmental level. Teachers in the room will help promote skills such as rolling over, grasping objects, crawling, and when appropriate standing, and start self-feeding skills. There will be daily opportunities to listen and move to music, spend time outside, and go on walks as a group with teachers in the bye-bye-buggy. 


A Day in the Frangipani Classroom

Children in the Frangipani Classroom eat, nap, play, and have diaper changes on their own schedules. Formula is provided by the center; however, breast milk and specific formulas can be brought in families. Families are asked to bring bottles, diapers, and extra sets of clothing for each child. Pacifiers and other comfort items are welcomed as well. When developmentally appropriate staff will start to introduce purees and self-fed snacks. 

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